Will this work and can i do better for the money?


Completly new to PC building I have a friend helping me but I like second opinions.

Yes this is a great build but what is your budget before I  go any further

Sorry forgot that its around $800ish give or take $20.


Get some mushkin 1600MHz ram and an asrock 970 mobo.

imo nzxt source elite > 200r and theyre like the same price

pretty dialed though.

get 500 gb hdd and use 120 or more gb ssd for more performance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08EEzEE4DD4&list=SP3250068FCDAC47E2&index=8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X2QDr41pXlA&list=SP3250068FCDAC47E2&index=1

you dont need an SSD for gaming!!! gah! it's a thing you throw on later



The corsair 200R has usb 3.0 at the front, and the msi board doesnt have a usb 3 connector

i'm not sure if the case comes with usb3 to usb2 cable 


you should watch vids,they help a lot man



This is what I would do