Will this PSU Work with a GTX 760?

I ordered this PSU http://www.newegg.com and just realized that it has two 12V rails at 22A each. I'm going to be getting an NVIDIA GTX 760 graphics card which will require about 30A on the +12V rail. Is it the combined amperage of the two rails or do I need one individual rail at 30A?

you're gona set your house on fire with that PSU

Why is that, its 80+ certified?


raidmax has a bad rep

How about this one then newegg.com?

seems ok, has the amperage you need too.

I would try to go for a single beefy rail. You can get a Corsair TX650 in that price range and you can't go wrong with that PSU. It has a single rail and Corsair know their stuff when it comes to reliable, long-term buy PSUs.