Will this do?

Hey guys! First post on tek syndicate! Alright! So I have a list of components I want to put into a PC. (first time builder) I want it to be very affordable, but still good quality. For my CPU, I want an AMD FX-6300. I was going for the 4300 but this was only ten dollars more! For my mobo, I am planning on the MSI 990FX GD65V2. It is compatible with my CPU. I want to get a SSD rather than an HHD. I was thinking about the ADATA XPG SX900 128gb SATA III. For my ram I'm going with ADATA XPG Gaming series (2x4gb). I wanted a quality but inexpensive GPU so I'm going with the EVGA GeForce GTX650. Not the ti version. No sound card, the mobo is integrated. I haven't made a decision on the case though. Also not sure about the power supply. Any ideas on those? Thanks guys! 

I would get a HDD too.. Or atleast some more SSD's but now that you're on a budget. Just get an HDD with the SSD. Because 128gb isn't that much when you want OS and Games and files and stuff on your pc.

Get a 500-600W PSU.

And btw. most motherboards have integrated sound cards. They are just not as good. It's like stock coolers.. for your sound :P

But you dont really need a sound card unless you do some real serious shit, and when you have real serious shit going on you have better external solutions.

Alright thanks guys! I'll look into an HDD and yeah, I found a good PSU. Thanks again!


Oh, yea I know but I thought he was getting a sound card for some special reason. Cuz I couldn't find a reason for writing that. He didn't need a sound card unless he was doing something kewl with it. So all im trying to say is: he didn't to write it :P