Will This 7850 Be Quiet?

I'm purchasing some parts to make a gaming PC with this 7850 and I wanted to know if anyone has any experiences with this ASUS card or any ASUS card with a similar cooler.  I do not plan to overclock at all so I'm hoping I won't have to worry about heat with a lowish fan speed(40%~).

Single or dual fan card? I have an ASUS 560ti 448core with the DCU II and it is extremely quite to me. It never really pushes the fans hard even with an overclock.

It's signle fan, thanks for the reply I guess it should be even quiter since it is a single fan :)

Not really. Fan speed affects noise more than number of fans. I have Sapphire 11200-07 and it's very quiet.

On the contrary, a dual card fan will be much quiter

I have the Sapphire edition and it's insanely quiet, even when I'm taxing it.

^^^ yep my sapphire 7850 dual-x never even spins up past %40 fan speed or 55c