Will these water blocks fit?

So I am deciding between two water blocks this one which is the full copper one. http://www.swiftech.com/komodo-nv-gtxtitan.aspx and this one which is a new type.http://www.alphacool.com/product_info.php/info/p1263_Alphacool-NexXxoS-NVXP-Nvidia-GTX780-Titan---Edelstahl-poliert---Schwarz.html The alphacool is significantly cheaper but will I get good cooling with it? Will they both fit a 780ti and if so which would be better? 

So the Block should fit but the cooling difference is not so big  as you think...If the GPU is 35°C or 45° thats better then Air =)

Choose the one you like and by the cheapest Version ... =)

The only things ive look for the next Block´s is Flow-rate ... 

Awesome :D