Will The Next-Gen Consoles See MOARR Core's being used in gaming?

Will The Next-Gen Consoles See MOARR Core's being used in gaming? I was thinking about it;

  • The next gen are X86 architecture,
  • They have 8 Cores,

Those are my only reasons. But will we see optimization for 8 cores, especially on the AMD side, if so will quad cores be redundant? Will it be just a console thing and the FX-8 Cores be crying because nobody loves their extra cores?










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MOARR Core's are allready here in the pc gameing world :D

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Anyways, Although the new consoles do have 8 cores, I believe the core clock is much MUCH lower than that of a regualr desktop processor. Quads will not be made redundant, as long as a single core is faster than 2 of the consoles then there shall be no issues.

Though I don't believe it will change the quality of gaming in regards to hardware utilization immediatley. It will affect things further down the line in a couple of years towards the middle of the new generation consoles life span.

Well the next gen consoles have 8 (low clock speed core's to keep down heat)

Thay will be useing only 6 core's for gameing 2 cores are held back for the OS and all the background junk (like recording gameplay running the operating sistem ect ect)


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I kinda doubt that.... I think they'll use all 8... the OS doesn't need an entire core to itself


Microsoft and sony allready confirmed 2 of the cores are dedicated to the operating system and the system(s) unique tasks 6 are for gameing