Will the GTX 760 drop in price?

It seems that in the first week of launch with parts they are really high in price. Do you think the price will drop down or will it stay in the $250 region?

It's going to stay in the $250 region for a while, if you're lucky you might see a slight $20-30 price drop during very special sales. Otherwise, I wouldn't expect any price drops on any of the new cards. That's happening to the 600 series cards. Maybe look there if you're planning on making a purchase.

I think it will drop in price, but not in the near future. I think it will drop in price when/if AMD puts out their next offering. That said, you will catch one on a special deal after a few months, but you will need to be searching online regularly to find it. Everything goes on sale at some point. You could also wait for black friday and cyber monday.

I will probably go with the 660 then to fit my budget. I am planning on getting my parts before black friday and cyber monday but it might have to wait until then because I am tight on money.

I say it will drop when AMD release their 8000 series as to compete. Even so, i dont think it will be that significant. The 8000 series also arnt going to be released until the end of this year (i think).

Another thing to note is that this should drop the GTX660 TI prices... so maybe look into getting one of those.

Launching at the same price of the 660 ti and outperforming cards $50 more than it. I would hardly call that "expensive".

It's a good deal but I have a tight budget. Maybe I will wait a bit longer and save up for the 760.

Keep checking prices on the 660ti. the performance is similar and that should drop in price or go on clearance. Otherwise the 760 is worth waiting for.