Will the 3090 fit in a Define R6 with a Taichi x470 if it's on the bottom slot?

I have to use the bottom slot in my case for PCIE passthrough to work otherwise the Taichi refuses to work with my second GPU for my host’s display.

I have exactly 3 slots free so will it fit? I don’t really care if the GPU is sitting on the PSU shroud.

The founders edition card seems to be precisely 3 slots, but you will need to be quick aqcuiring one, since I hear rumors of really low stock due to a $150 cooling solution. Don’t let the GPU sit on the PSU shroud you will strangle it for airflow.

That said, perhaps a 2.5" slot AIB version like the Asus TUF RTX3090 GAMING would be a better version? At 52mm width, that means roughly 10mm to spare which should be enough for airflow. I have also seen some other AIB models with 2.5" height floating around, too.

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I mean there are holes in the shroud so I don’t think it’s too big of a deal but thanks for the answer.

you can get expected dimensions of the 3090 here

That will give you a better idea if the case will provide enough room for the GPU

unfortunately this doesn’t list the card depth.

You can always just remove the PSU shroud if needed. Chances are airflow would be bad anyway if there’s less than an inch or so of clearance.

I don’t think I can remove it easily in the Define R6

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