Will Ryzen Laptops Have Those Dumbass iGPU's?

I have a hate for modern laptops unmatched by any other piece of hardware that I have met to date. Even the god awful mess that is any Itanium machine. I HATE on-die GPU's.

I thought APU's were a cool idea for a little while, and they could be if you could use that GPU space for computational space, but with recent events with my Y40-70 being a pile of shit, I've just decided that I am not going to touch any laptop with an integrated GPU.

Backing into my G50V has been nice. It actually works. What I hate about switchable GPU's is if something goes wrong in the unit concerning the dGPU, thats it, its a fucking netbook like every other laptop on the market. In the case of my lenovo, not only is the idea of it being a "Gaming Laptop" out the window, but now random keys don't work to add insult to injury. I've been told to just not buy lenovo, but I have used Y40-70's before and they were great. This one is just a turd.

So..... Have the ryzen laptops been announced with those god awful gimmicks tacked on? Or can I get a new laptop that won't be an abomination?

AFAIK the Ryzen announced units from Asus don't have an iGPU. Just a 1700.

Although IDK how they are going to use the 580 all the time in that. The battery life would be horrid I'd imagine. Maybe extremely low clocks when not running anything intensive

The Raven Ridge APUs have integrated graphics obviously.

Also, no offense, iGPUs aren't gimmicks. Nor are they a problematic. Whatever issues you're having is probably down to a bad unit or, as usually is the case with your issues, your own idiocy.

Nearly all laptops use an iGPU. No one has as many problems with them as you do


So your dGPU failed and you're blaming it on the iGPU?

If you didn't have an iGPU you wouldn't be able to use it at all....


Summit Ridge laptops will not.

Raven Ridge laptops will.

The end.


never had a problem with my thinkpad's

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I will mail you my laptop and you can figure it out.

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Me please !

lol well its a pile of shit. If you need a lappy go find a powerpc lappy :stuck_out_tongue:

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LOL Its simple The radeon chill technology can take its TDP down very very far. They just under clock it and under volt it / under power it until it hits one of the reconfigurable points. As to which points that will be is still speculation however I do figure the 560 and 570 will easily target 15-25w during non gaming use. Still not the best but I mean what can you do without an iGPU

I bought my dau the Bristol Ridge Laptop with the A12-8700p, for a lil over 300 it is a great gaming laptop. It's not a 1300 dollar laptop but for the price it does great.
Lenova did allot to get rid of bloatware after the "pre-installed spyware" public relations nightmare they went through.
Something the size of Threadripper could fit some zen cores and a whole lotta IGPU.

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My understanding is that a low tier Vega card in the $300 price point will be replacing the RX500 series, so power consumption will be different.

Huh, a gaming laptop with a low power draw CPU?

Anyways aside from me now learning Lenovo created a weird laptop by pairing a 15w processor with a dGPU and made it look like a gaming laptop

You aren't really providing a solid reason to why iGPU suck. If you want to make the comment about iGPUs only gimping the processor, you are making a comment on a U-Series processor is practically an upgraded atom. If you wanted a gaming laptop with some decent computational performance, you should of hunted for an i7 4700HQ. It has the computational performance you want to make it stand-out from being a "netbook" but still has an iGPU. How the processor is configured is completely dependent on what model you choose. In this case, you choose a netbook with a nice dGPU and the dGPU so happen to have died on you, making it a weak netbook. If you choose a laptop with a 4700HQ at the time, I am sure you would not be here to complain about it as the processor has plenty of power for various CPU heavy task.

Surely having a iGPU is a bonus on a notebook? If I just ran the dGPU in mine the battery life would plummet and I wouldn't actually gain anything from it, even using Photoshop with decent sized images or 2D AutoCAD.

Also as the cooling on the CPU and dGPU (edit. usually) share a common heatsink and heat pipes, running only the CPU/iGPU makes run cooler and in turn more importantly quieter.

iGPU is also useful for troubleshooting, even in desktop machines.

I hate them because on almost all computers I have used that had iGPU switching it would only use the damn iGPU and it wouldn't recognise anything else. Its such a giant pain in the ass.

FTFY bub

I am a man of custom cooling in laptops.