Will my R9 270 drive a 4k Monitor

I'd like to know if my R9 270 is enough for smooth video playback on a 4k monitor. I'm sure gaming in 4k isn't going to work, but if I can at least watch movies and do my work stuff on it I can probably talk myself into getting one.  

Not entirely sure but the R9 270 I have has a displayport version 1.2 but max output is 2560x1600 (spec wise it should be able to push 4K) but I believe that will depend on the actual driver for the graphics card.

EDIT: LINK to specification page

In short... No... Even if the technical specs are there for it to theoretically... It'd Likely be iGPU @1080p performance-wise... Besides that... There isn't nearly enough support for 4k to justify the price tag... The only practical use for it right now is professional image editing

I saw one on a cyber Monday sale and almost blindly bought it. Glad I posted here first. Thanks for the info guys :D

Something like the R9 270 is surprisingly competent at driving 4k, I was playing around with something slower (gtx 750 ti) and everything was playable. You couse use it as a temporary solution for sure but you'll definitely want to upgrade soon.