Will my build run games?

Mainly want to know if a pc with these parts would be capable of running TARKOV, without dying out, and burning up on me.

Should be fine for 1080p i guess.

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As @MisteryAngel said should be gtg and welcome to the forum.

Short Answer: Yes
Short ish Answer: If you don’t go over 1080p, then Yes

I will go a bit deeper in the answer here…
Looking at some stuff 1660 Super should be more than enough even for 1440p if you are willing to turn off some post processing settings and not go to the highest graphical settings.
On top of that, 1660 Super should be more than enough for MEDIUM settings on the graphically heavy games at 1440p and perfectly fine for everything at 1080p.
If you want to go ULTRA setting on anything - 1080p…
If you are willing to lower the settings a bit - 1440p resolution should not be a problem for the GPU.
I play 1440p with RX480, and 1660 Super is way more powerful…

PS: You may want to consider getting another SSD for games, just to speed up the load times and iron out some stutters, that may be caused by running the games off of a hard drive…

Like others here have mentioned, that is sufficient for [email protected] high for most games.

I would recommend you swap that 120 GB boot drive for a 512 GB Nvme drive (or better) though. It is only $30-$40 extra for a big quality improvement. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Would be completely fine for running most games, and would again be fine for running TARKOV with 1080p. A 1660 super is definitely not a low-spec GPU, as well an 8 core cpu is pretty decent my guy, same with the ram. I would not worry about what games you can play with those specs at all, even for some 1440p.

Being that game is a few years old, the basic hardware mins/rec. are a 0 issue* [1080p]
Perhaps even able to accommodate 1440p, with some of settings cranked [if not all]


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