Will i benefit?

so my question is : is it worth putting steam on my ssd? (it takes up alot of space so i dont know if its worth it)

ifnot could you explain why? (if i havent pointed it out already) 

ifso why?

many thanks ~mrneedham

Not IMO. All SSD's do for gaming is decrease load times, and have no real impact on performance. If you don't mind waiting a few seconds longer, then no need to put Steam on the SSD. Honestly, the only game that has unbearable load times on my machine is BF3, which I'd considerin putting on my SSD if I could afford the space. Other than that, all my games load quickly enough, and rarely keep me waiting.

i only have my os, and apps i use all the time, like skype chrome and stuff like that, i have one 500gig drive for games only and one for general storage or any recording i do

Use ssd caching for better load times on most used game/apps and only takes a fixed amount of storage ;)


I only put small games on my SSD, it makes the game load faster but will not increase your FPS.  Once the level is loaded everything is in RAM

alright thanks guys ill go move steam now then