Will FreeNAS support Epyc?

I know that FreeNAS and AMD usually don’t play well together but with how amazing Epyc is looking I would love to use that for my next NAS but don’t want to mess with configuring a linuxbox to run ZFS. Does anyone know if the FreeNAS team has any plans to support this platform moving forward?

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You want EPYC for home use?

That’s thousands of dollars for a home nas. Thread ripper sure that could be half reasonable maybe but what sort of a nas are you running the would warrant an EPYC CPU?

You can get 16 core EPYC CPUs for less than Threadripper with all the goodies of the sever platform.

EPYC isn’t exclusively $8000 32 core CPUs.

The 7351P is a 16/32 CPU with a 2.9Ghz boost for $750.

Though depending on use, that seems excessive for a FreeNAS box.


My guess would be to also run a bunch load of VMs?

Even the Xeon E5 I threw in my ZFS box is pretty much ‘overkill’, it does allow me to spin up a couple VMs, leaving enough cores for FreeBSD itself.

I’d suggest considering adding a Threadripper box along side your FreeNAS box and leverage storage for VMs over iSCSI.

I agree, epyc would be amazing for a home server. It would have to be a ginormous home server to be worth it, but some epyc cpus can handle up to 4TB of RAM

ARC and DEDUP intensifies