Will everything in here work + Nice website :) [first post]

Hello everyone at TekSyndicate. To start off this website looks awesome in it's community, and I love the videos so that is why I joined :).

Here is my build / planned build.


I already have the following.

I am planning on purchasing the following. Please comment with better suggestions if you have any. I am King of all noobs when it comes to PC Hardware and building a PC. Please guide me :D .
Here is what I am questioning..does this case have enough room for this Heatsink?
A heatsink - NZXT HAVIK-140 CPU - http://goo.gl/XETT0 
Don't want to buy and not have room D:
Saw the video and my case is about as big as the phantom..I'm thinking I have enough room 



that case should easily fit the havok. and a 1kw psu is overkill. 750w will be just fine.

get a hyperx 3k or adata ssd...  WD black or RE drives....

Thank you for the comment sir!

Yeah I am not very knowledgeable of SSDs but I am a WesternDigital guy :D 

yeah, check the benchmarks first before buying the ssd, some have relatively slow write speed, like the agility and ssdnow series. go for vertex or hyperx

Okay :D 


Will all the parts go well together?
I know that the Sockets for the CPU / MOBO match..so those will work right ^_^
Sorry for the noobtocity. 

naw man, no prob. they'll fit fine!!!! better to ask than find out later that you have probs

Looks good to me, but I would suggest staying away from OCZ power supplies. Go with a Seasonic, Corsair, Silverstone, Enermax, XFX, or Cooler Master instead, and make sure it has a single 12 volt rail. Here are some SSDs I would suggest:

Corsair Neutron GTX

Samsung 840

Crucial M4

OCZ Vertex 3 or 4

Patriot Wildfire

As far as hard drives go, like Commissar said, go with a WD Black or RE drive. If you have the budget to spend, Velociraptors would be awesome as well.

also, kingston hyperx 3k ssd's are good, or so i've heard. ocz can cause BSOD probs if you don't keep the firmware at the latest version

The same could probably be said with most SSDs, lol.

If you can afford it, get an OCZ Vector or Samsung 840 Pro 120+GB.  Otherwise a Samsung 840(not-pro) or OCZ Vertex 4 if budget is tight.  The only shitty OCZ SSDs were everything released before the Vertex 4.  So yeah, as long as you pick up Vertex 4 or Vector from OCZ, you're set.

I recommend at least 1 SSD and 1 HDD.  Seagate Barracuda or WD Black are both great choices, one gives you longer warranty at a higher cost, performance is the same.  Install OS and essential programs/games on the SSD, then everything else on the HDD.  If you're going to record gameplay then you're going to want a third drive as a dedicated recording drive.  Could either be SSD or mechanical, whatever fits your budget.

That's a pretty good PSU, even though you may not ever need the full 1000watts but for the price, you're pretty much going to be paying the same for a lower wattage 80+ Gold XFX/Corsair/Seasonic/Silverstone/etc. PSU anyway.