Will consoles become only distribution platforms?

This thought occured to me and my laptop battery is dying so I just wanted to spit it out before I forget.  We're seeing Steam develop their own system, and Steam is first and foremost a distribution platform.  We're seeing Microsoft trying to put Windows 8 on everything, integrating Xbox marketplace stuff cross platform, on the PC as well, and we're seeing PSN trying to add sharing features yadayadayada.  

What I'm thinking is that with the hardware differences between the PC and consoles becoming negligent, will the next war not be about hardware, and instead be PSN vs Xbox Live vs Steam vs Origin vs UPlay vs whatever else?  From a marketing standpoint I think it simply makes more sense, that if you're going to make a game, you want it to be available cross platform.  I think that eventually we'll be able to download and install a PSN store on our PC and it will compete with the Live store and Steam, and Origin etc.  Hardware will become uniform and outsourced, and instead it will be a war of distribution.  

I suppose some comparisons can be drawn between this and the mobile phone market. Similar parts, different aesthetic, OS, stores, apps and functions.