Will a large heatsink fit in this case?

I am most likely going to get a bigger and better CPU cooler, since the one I have right now (CM Hyper TX3) get kinda loud sometimes, and gets annoying. The case I have is a Thermaltake v9 (it sucks, btw. don't get it) I'll leave some photos below. Please excuse the horrible cable management. Why, you ask? BECAUSE THIS CASE HAS VERY LITTLE OPTIONS FOR THAT.




could you give the case name, also I'm in no way trying to be a dick or anything but what I'm litterally going to do is google the case name, check the specs of the maximum supported Heatsink, and suggest some that are under that

you'd be surprised at what you can learn by simply googling what you already have or want, that's how I know what I know, I googled it

I gave the case name in the post. .__. It's a Thermaltake v9

why dont you grab a AIO cooler - h80 etc?

I would suggest a d14 but it wont clear your ram. A cm212 or cm412 would also be a good choice.

Yeah thermaltake ==== kill it with fire!

I've heard of a lot of issues for the larger cooler masters not clearing ram... Specifically the 212...  Watercooling is likely the best bet for fitting a higher end colling solution... It kinda looks like you don't have too much room left...

Yeah, I don't have a ton of space to work with. :\ I really need to get a regular ATX motherboard so there's some more room between the GPU and CPU heatsink.

Yeah Thermaltake hasn't ever impressed me. Especially this v9 case, it was $99 yet there isn't much to it lol

ah sorry I thought that was just the brand name

any cooler under 165mm I would recommend the Xigmatek Dark Knight II

Yeah I've been eyeballing that cooler a ton and am most likely going to get it. Found someone who's selling it for a nice price, too so I'm getting that and replacing my case fan with some Corsair AF120's. :D