Wifi Router Replacement needed. Cheap and Good (as always)

TLDR: Basic AC Router for a small space, and minimal amount of clients that does solid throughput for Nvidia in Home Streaming as cheap as possible.

So, to cut a long story short, i’ve been running an AVM Fritzbox 7360 from my ISP for some years now. It did it’s job. We are two people that work all day in a 750sqft flat on one level. Both our Desktops are connect through Ethernet, as is my TV. So, Wifi is basically for the phones.
Lately, my Router has been acting up, dropping connections and in general, not being good on delivering solid throughput. Now, i’d like to do some Nvidia in home Streaming to my shield, to play some games from the PC with my wife on the TV. That’s where our AP basically makes this impossible.

With all that said, i need something, that replace/take over the Wifi part, from our current Router. As stated, requirements in terms of reach or connected clients are really minimal. The 2017 Shield does AC 2x2 afaik, so it’d be great if the Router could do that to make inhome streaming a thing. I don’t want to run a cable to the Bedroom. Distance is 5 or 6 Meters with on wall in between, so that should really be doable.

Other than that, i don’t need much. My current Router can take care of Modem Functionality, if the new one doesn’t work with my Provider. Since i work in IT professionally, the more control i can get, the better. I appreciate if i can dive into the firmware, maybe even dd-wrt or such, but if the best option for me is a consumer thing that’s set it and forget it, i’m fine with that.
Budget is pretty much as low as we can go. I’ll spend what’s needed, but it’s use is so limited that i’d rather not spend more than i need.
Finally, i’m not opposed to diying the hardware but would prefer something i can just buy. I like hacking at software, but diy hardware has a tendency to not work properly when I assemble it :wink:

This one has served me well in my home and now use it at the office I work at. Should suit your needs and great price.

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Thanks for the recommendation. Looked it up, does what i need it to do, is under 70 bucks and is officially supported by dd-wrt and open-wrt if i ever feel like tinkering with it. Just ordered it and will see how it goes.
No i’m just hoping that my ISP can make it work and i don’t have to keep running the Fritzbox as a Modem.

I had really really good luck with Ubiquiti u6-lr at home. u6-lite (~ $100), which i don’t have, and haven’t tried, has openwrt support checked in.

totolink x5000r ?