Wifi Router or adaptor problem

I have a D-link DIR 601 wifi router and a TP-Link wifi adaptor 

I am getting werid singal strengths from this adaptor. The wifi router is located in the living room. The desktop i use is in the basement i get full singal when i am using it.when i use my phone in the exact location i only get 1/3 bars. Also the wifi is very slow compared to my phone.

Do you think this is a wifi adaptor problem or router and which one(s) should i replace

The phones wifi signal will be weaker due to the antennas. That is from my experiance. For the desktop, it is able to receive the singal more better due to more power to the wireless card

What's the adapter's rating?  802.11a/b/g/n? (select all that apply), if it's a 802.11b, it'll only operate on the 802.11b frequency/speed.

its 150 mbps N

Ok, after some research, (googling your router/gateway), I've determined that your Router/Gateway is the 150mbps N device.  

I appologize for not being clearer when I asked earlier, as I was asking for the rating of the Adapter (The TP-Link), which is the determining factor in speed to your Router/Gateway (The D-Link).  Since I don't know what the adapter's model is, I am limited on what kind of information I can provide to you on probable causes for your slow connection.  Please provide the model number of the adapter, if you can.

Tp - Link WM 725N

Ok.. both devices are on the same channel, correct? For instance, you might be able to connect to channel 11 on channel 10, but it's not a very good connection.  

Other issues might be that your USB port is slower (or even USB 1.1) than your phone's internal connection (which will always be faster because it's directly on the PCB).

You could also try updating the driver and seeing if that gets any hardware features enabled that might make it faster.


Personally, I don't like USB wifi adapters.  I would rather put an adapter into the faster PCI or PCIe bus, but I know that isn't always an option.

The router is on auto channel. Its connected to a usb 2.0 port