Wifi network card or dedicated router as access point?


I’m planning to build a pfsense router/firewall to sit behind my isp’s modem in my home network, but I am unsure about setting up the wireless signal. Should I get separate router for the wireless signal or get a network card and use that as an access point build into the pfsense router? I was thinking about getting the Asus PCE-AC56, for example, to provide my apartment with a wifi signal.

it would be more flexible to have a router in access point mode. personally i prefer access points with POE so i can string them an ethernet cable and not care about needing to be near a outlet for power.


Don’t use a wifi card on pfsense, they don’t work well on freeBSD. I wouldn’t use a router in AP mode either as it seems inelegant. I would pick up a ubiquiti AC Lite and use that. Or an AC-LR if you need more range.


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I couldn’t get a clear WiFi signal in my older home until I installed some Uni-Fi APs. I can’t recommend ubiquity enough.

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These ubiquiti AC Lite’s are quite expensive, 154,99 on Amazon… Is it a hit or miss with wifi cards support on pfsense or what doesn’t work well? I only need the wifi for phones and laptops that do browsing + netflix.

Not sure where you’re located, they are pretty cheap in US dollars, $80. If they’re overpriced in your locale then yes, I would go for a consumer router in AP mode. Wifi cards don’t work well on pfsense, everybody recommends plugging in an AP.

The AP will serve you much farther in both function and time, if you need to move it for signal/coverage its a lot easier then moving your PFsense box. you already have a router as the PFsense box, you only need wireless, not a full second router.

i have 5 Refurbished APs from tp link, they all work and came with the parts they should have.

this one is $40 and would be POE if you bought an injector.

also this:

I was looking at that EAP225, seems like a good choice. I’ll drop the idea of an internal wifi card and opt for that instead.

Asus has some nice options for decent prices in the us. Not sure what it’s like for you. I picked up an rt-ac66u for around $100.

The locale is EU. I found the ubiquity Ac lite for less then I first mentioned, but the tp link is cheaper and should suit my home use fine once its set up.

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