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Wifi "IOT" Relays that you can reprogram

Folks - watched the recent videos about Bluetooth Presence Detection and home security. I was wondering if you’d seen the “SONOFF” wireless relay boards? They do a few different ones including 4 channel ones.

A lot of them have ESP8266 chips in them, so rather than using unknown quantity “IOT” firmware, you just solder a header onto the board and reprogram them. I have one of the 4 channel ones with coloured terminals and have reprogrammed it to use my own simple GET api within the house (I use a VPN if I want to control things from further away). The internet tells me it is still possible to reprogram the newer ones (nicer design for the relays that give you access to the common, NO and NC), but possibly needing a bodge wire to start in “programming mode”.

The ESP8266 chips are easy to write your own stuff for, you can even use the Arduino IDE.

So far I’ve used them for a few things including a “I’ve sat down and can’t be bothered to get up and switch the audio amp on” remote switch and to control a cooling fan in the summer.

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