WiFi Hacks?

So my neighbor said if I can bypass his WiFi password I can use his internet. I have looked everywhere and I cannot find tutorials that work... or I can understand what they are saying.  I know he has WPA2 his SSID was hidden but I ended up finding that by pure magic but I always have some error no matter what tool I would love some help 




Real quick I know people will probably ask why I don't pay for my own.... First off I do it sucks... 1st Comcast doesn't go on my side of the dang street and 2nd the only internet I have available to me is Century Link at 7mbp or Satelite Internet which will not work since I game stream and use about 1tb of data a month with everyone in my house and me streaming large security camera footage files from work. 24/7. But I can reach his sweet 150 mbps WiFi signal. 

create honey pot with same frequency and settings and simply spam deauth packets... once he tries to log in back to "his" now your network you get the password. (use laptop to be close to his house etc.)

You should pretend to be poor person with no internet access for years.

This is only a tip, you won't get real guide on how to do it. Most likely this thread will be removed quickly too.

This video series has everything you need to know.



If you are monitoring his WLAN network while a client authenticates to it with a handshake, you will see the ESSID (network name).

Familiarize yourself with cracking tools in Kali - https://www.kali.org/

There's easy tools like Fern to use but if his password is complex you could be there forever bruteforcing it.

Your best bet is some clever social engineering - get him blind drunk, grab his laptop, forget his wifi connection, he then has to re-enter it. Then get him to jump online for something as he's pissed just peek at his keystrokes as he has to re-connect to his AP.

Assuming that he uses WPA/WPA2-PSK for his network security and you have access to cuda or opencl accelerated gpu's plus some storage(read alot). You might want to look into https://code.google.com/p/pyrit/ for precomputing the pairwise master keys. I haven't actually tried this myself so I can't tell you how it works or how long it takes but it should go quite fast on modern gpu's.

I live in Utah, I had the cops called on me when I brought a keg in my house for the Kegerator they thought it was a bomb.... I am from NYC it would work there :P 

I hope you trust the guy.

https://www.kali.org/ <--- this is now your best friend.

Wireless, the (in)secure network.

Awesome that application helped tons!!!!!

Here's a playlist from an old Hak5 wifi workshop. Just enough to get you intrigued and hopefully get a grasp for whats possible. ;)
HAK5 wifi hacking workshop

Use Reaver, it's a brute force decryption tool for both WPA and WPA2 password protections, just hope your neighbour doesn't have a 20+ character password or it might take a while. If this doesn't work just use good old fashioned social engineering.

Any chance your neighbour is baiting you? :P

If WPS is enabled and not protected, its the easiest way, and its like 100% guaranteed.
u only need a slow machine and Kali and it will be done in max 3 days

Best Regards Otto

what application helped u?

I ended up using Kali and Wifite

Break into his house at night and hit him with a hammer until he tells the password.

So in other words, try to break the physical security instead of the encryption.

I assume you were successful in cracking it. I'm curious. How long did it take?

I was able to get it within a few hours since he had WPS pointless now since Fiber Just became available in my area through a local company for waaay cheaper than I was going to pay. Hopefully it is more reliable

Utah....I am so sorry.

Yeah..... It's so bad..... I am looking to move out of here me and my fiancé are sick of it. We are either moving to the UK since that is where she is from or east coast NJ or NY since that is where I am from UK seems like a better option at the moment we also talked about Sweden since that is where her family owns a few businesses.