Wich Gaming Headset for linux under 160$

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I’m currently running pop_os and my corsair void pro just died today. So I’m searching what to buy and was wondering if there is gaming headset with microphon that a software available on linux ?
Also I’m open to insight on any potential Headset :slight_smile:

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I’m using the Corsair Virtuoso Wireless on manjaro XFCE (21.0.5) kernel 5.4 and a good mate of mine is using the Corsair HS70 on manjaro (21.0.5) GNOME kernel 5.4.

The sound is a little bit “flat” for me, so I use an equalizer (software), but it works great, although I can’t turn of the rgb on the headset…


If you’re willing to spend in that budget I would much rather recommend a decent Headphone + a Mic.
You won’t have to mess with software and you’ll have a better sound quality overall on both ends.

For mics the ModMic is pretty much the go-to (not sure if there are even other similar ones), and once you got that you still have 100$ to spend on a headphone, which is completely up to personal taste.


At that price level, the appropriate recommendation would be a HyperX Cloud II. Its actually a rebranded Takstar. Make sure to get not to get the 7.1 surround variant. These only work in actual rooms, not in headphones.

AFAIK, you really dont need headphone software for Linux, particularly for an analog earphones? (Unless those are for RGBs). Even USB microphone from most vendors work out of the box for Linux, no software needed (Blue Yetis come into mind).


Stay away from Corsair Virtuoso Wireless. The bluetooth sucks. It will drain the battery and decrease it’s life expectancy. In addition it has an annoying bug with sidetone.

Check out the Steelseries Arctis 7 (wireless) it seems to be widely supported on various linux distributions.


I have SteelSeries Arctis 7, they’re pretty much plug & play, no annoying RGB, can be used wired or wireless. There are two audio outputs to allow mixing between game and chat audio, so make sure you don’t confuse the two.


One more vote for those. I have a pair of Takstars - very solid build, moddable and lots of parts available.
Availability of parts is especially big: prolonged life of my pair by a few years now - replaced cushions, top pad, drivers and sliders. (+modded cables)

Takstars themselves copied the construction of Beyerdynamic DT-770.
(To the point that the sliders I replaced were straight from their website )

Edit: Having the opportunity to talk about Beyerdynamic: I wanted to commend them for super helpful support and for providing such an assortment of replacement parts.
So easy to go apple way and coerce your consumers to throw old hardware away.


Something something German Engineering something

But yes, I have a DT 990 here that I wouldn’t want to miss.

I was actually checking the prices earlier and while it would be just slightly over budget here, when I look at the US website a pair of DT 990s is 200$ soooo… yea


A bit out budget considering I need to buy a mike aside from the headset but thanks

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I think that the HYper X is quite popular :slight_smile:

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I’d recommend grabbing a pair of modded fostex t50rp’s from Mayflower Electronics. Its right in your price range, minus the additional modmic you can glue on like someone above me recommended.

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I don’t have problems with the dongle (slip stream wireless) and the sidetone :smiley: , but the rgb is draining the battery and I haven’t found the solution to turn it off yet. Every 3/4 hours or so, you need charge.

Using the Corsair RGB Virtuoso Wireless.

The suggestion of mihawk90 is also great!: Wich Gaming Headset for linux under 160$ - #3 by mihawk90

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Thank you all for your time and answer. I buy the hyperX cloud 2 and will have it soon