Wich CPU to get

Recently I've been looking at parts for my first gaming PC build. I plan on playing games like Dayz and battlefield 4. I've picked out every part except I can't decide whether to get a 760k or an fx 6300. Do I really need 6 cores and is the extra 20$-30$ worth it. 

The 760k is a very capable CPU and if all you are doing is gaming then I would have to say it is definately sufficient. If you want to do video encoding or other things that are concurrent then I'd go with the FX 6300.

Thanks, I think I'll go with the 760k.

The 20-30 dollars is totally worth it. I dont get the appeal of the 760k. It is weak in both single threaded and multi-threaded workloads and you aren't going to have any upgrade options if the next big game you want a year from now needs more cpu grunt.

Thanks for your opinion that really gives me something to consider.

You don't really need the 6 cores for games now. But the L3 cache on the FX line is use a bit. And some games like Metro almost depend on it. And Battlefield scales well. But if you got the cores it will use them. But both are fine. 

Every one is scared of bottle necking. But I have some games like Rise of the Triad and Planetside 2 that just do now want to work on AMD. And its the other way around too. So largely any quad core or over is ok. There only thing I can point to and say universally and say this make a small difference is having L3 cache in never games.

I wanted to add this too. The 760k is not a APU but the cores are the same. So you can see what to expect with graphics cards. 


This video is relevant to you too. Education is power. 


I think the choices are really a phenom II 965 or fx-6300, 965 wipes the floor with the 760k in ipc and multicore performance.

Benchmarks please. 

Here I found a fair comparison  http://cpuboss.com/cpus/AMD-Phenom-II-X4-965-vs-AMD-Athlon-X4-760K

FX 6300 is a best-buy at the moment, slightly under the intel i5s

Its a bit depending on the GPU you have, but i would vote for the FX6300 aswell. Especialy for BF4.

DayZ is not realy something to botter about, will run crap anyway.

So I've looked at the comments and it seems the fx 6300 is the better buy. So I looked on pc part picker for a micro atx am3 socket motherboard and I can't find one with a reasonable amount of sata 6gb. If anyone knows of a good motherboard I could buy please let me know 

If you want to go M-ATX(or anything smaller than ATX), you shouldn't be looking at AM3+.

Do you know of any budget atx cases preferably under 60$

well there are plenty, i dont know what your personal taste it.


I'd go with the 200r, even if it's a tad bit more money, its a beautiful budget case. FX 6300 is a very good cpu.

+1 on the Corsair 200r

silverstone ps10b

its not a shiny case and could use some fans but a well designed case

11.5" max limit on video card

its a $50 case with cable management "no grommets" its not a issue"

removable filters on front and top. + psu filter