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[WHYBLT?] What Have You Been Listening To?


I thought I might borrow from r/metal and try to start a weekly What Have You Been Listening To thread.
EDIT: This would be an area for discoveries or more deep dives into things you have recently discovered.

This week I rediscovered Tool. Liked them a lot in high school and then kind of forgot about them for the past couple of decades. Undertow is by far my favorite release but there are scattered songs from the other albums that are stellar as well. I have a feeling I will be checking it out much more.

Tool lead me to A Perfect Circle. Some great stuff here I also forgot about. I just dug into it over the past couple of days so I haven't really picked fav tracks yet.

Tremonti is something I have also been digging into.



Curiosity got me into what's called djent and Spotify drowned me into it, pushing me even farther from my firend's musical taste lol They won't find this kind of CDs easly into stores, especially here!



Not sure what this is meant to be. Just in case, we allready got "what are you listening to" threads:

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I edited the original post. I don't know just and idea.

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Let´s hope the mods neither find this nor close it^^



MY tastes in music have always been very wide and constantly growing. I seem to go through stages where I like a particular genre more than the rest and listen to it more often than others. For a long while, that was metal. However, I have been forced to be around people more and more in the past few years and people not only don't like metal as a general rule, but they tend to actually dislike it. They simply don't want to hear it. There is a similar response to country music, I have noticed. So as a result, I have started listening to more mainstream music, and have found a little niche for myself in hip hop. Particularly Eminem, MF Doom, and particularly Kanye West (at least in the most recent time frame for me). And I am really enjoying the music that Kanye has been putting out in the past few years. Yeezus and Life of Pablo are some of my favorite albums of recent years now, bar none. I think that a lot of people see the antics and personality that is associated with Kanye and don't give his music a fair shot. I really see him as a musical genius of sorts. The stuff that he makes is absolutely top quality. I would highly recommend it if you are interested in hip hop at all.



Anyone remember this guy?

Discovered that he did music after leaving Blues Clues while trying to see what had happened to the guy.

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Hmm. As mentioned previously, since we already have 'what are you listening to right now?' threads, I see this becoming a bit redundant. I'm not sure if everyone who posts in here will give details and backstory like provided in the OP, which would just result in folks posting video links and mirroring the aforementioned thread.

I'd suggest perhaps changing the title to something like "What Music have you Discovered/Re-Discovered Lately?" or something like that. Hopefully this would encourage folks to provide some details, etc.


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I've had this music track on the brain for years, but couldn't remember where it came from. I thought it was game music.. I bought the whole album. Uta III by Kenji Kawaii from Ghost in the Shell:

I love the haunting vocals in this, beautiful.

Also Appalacian journey by Yo Yo Ma (whole album, haven't picked a favorite yet).



Recently, lots of Queens of the Stone Age and hardcore punk.




I got new speakers this weekend, so I have been on a quest to listen to music with a good mix.
I discovered this song from the Spike Lee movie 'Crooklyn'. I love that Crooklyn was just like my 1970's childhood but I'm not from Brooklyn.

This isn't from the '70's.


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We allready have 2 topics about this, Metal and Non metal.
So i think that another topic is just too much.
I also think that this topic has pretty much dried out,
and not really changed direction course to something that Alamar has suggested.
Which to me is a reason to lock it for now.