Why would I want more ram in an office printer?

The other day I picked up an Apple LaserWriter 16/600 to fix up. Its a model I have worked with before in my time servicing computer crap at my high school.

So I DDG the thing to see what even pops up and I get a spec list.



So why 4-32 mb ram? To store more print jobs?


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I wish 8mb was a minimum, holy crap all the print queues that breaks print servers just because the print job was bigger than 4mb

Would I as a “home user” see any benefit to having it full? The guy said he got it from a publishing company so no doubt that its got all 32mb but…?

ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh now I get it

as a home user, ram means absolutely nothing to you for printers.


Most likely you will not need more then the minimum UNLESS you are consistantly pushing larger then 4MB print jobs a lot :wink:

The one in my office has 32MB, I just used it print images I needed for legal shit. the images ranged from 8 to 16MB each, and it would print in batches of 2 or 3.

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I guess I’m spoiled at work, our printer has 4 GB RAM, 8 GB SSD, and 320 GB of spinning rust per the tech sheet. Never had a problem printing anything.


You can’t just leave us hanging. What’s the printer model #?

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Kyocera Taskalfa 5052ci

It’s actually been a pretty great printer, especially compared to the one it replaced.

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Hope you destroyed the hard drive on the outgoing one.

Nope, we have a service contract with a local company, they took away the old one after some annoying issues with it and gave us this one.

Oh well, all that was printed from the old one was financial documents, confidential HR docs, and a few really important contracts.

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Can I have your work’s IP rq? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ahhh shit those?

Dude we have some sites that use those still. When they work they are tanks but when they break holy shit are they a pain in the ass.

Most of our clients have switch to Canon Image Runner’s.

I’ve found that more memory always helps, especially if you’re printing images as the printer has more memory to work with when doing any internal processing. As cheap as the stuff is today, I just load up older units. I’ve got 512Mb in my Brother 8460N. :wink: