Why Pokemon X and Y Suck

My opinion on the trailer and series' downhill trends.

As I go:

The names. No, they aren't dumb. There's actually more meaning in them than in other Pokemon names. X and Y are axes (that's axis plural), which begs the addition of Pokemon Z, which would relate to the idea of a *3-dimensional* space. Not to mention the thing about them being chromosomes, as in genetics, as in evolution, as in one of Pokemon's most basic hooks from day 1. Plus your argument is "It's so... bad!" That's not going to make me sit back and ponder on how well-reasoned your opinion is, nope, no sir.

The graphics: It's basically all people have been begging for forever. Plus it'll work well for a main series game. It basically holds to the stylization that the sprites have implied for a while now.

The starters: Chespin might be a squirrel. Does it need to be anything super-specific? Fenniken's a *fire fox*. In Japan especially there are associations between foxes and fire. Also, kitsune, and he's caught using a psychic attack in the video. Froakie's fluff is probably made more of as he evolves. It might be dumb but we'll just have to wait more than 20 hours after the revelation that the games are in development, now won't we?

The animations: "I always turn them off anyway". Somebody find my eyes, sometimes they just ~roll~ off.

The overwrought animations: What you saw was the Pokemon bursting out of Pokeballs and a quick montage of attacks. Duh it's flashy.

The fake newness of a 3D pokemon game: It's new. It's new for main-series, handheld Pokemon and it's new in that it's 3DS-3D, not just models-3D. Also you generalize about the fanbase a bit I think, met lots of people who love Colosseum as much or more than you do.

Gen 5 is just Gen 1 but newer. Black and White are not any more abstract than RBY. I promise.

Well hey, at least you ended on a somewhat well-mannered... wait nope.

I dont care what anyone says I have got every poekemon game since gen 2, and i agree that the series started to turn durng gen 4. But I'll pick up a pokemon X or Y bundled with a 3ds and then I'll tell you how i feel about it

I just don't like the style of the newer games. I prefer the third generation, because it has my favorite mechanics.

Sure said a lot for just not liking them. :P

Personally I like the modern mechanics better (in-battle at least), but Gen 3 is my ideal for Pokemon's style.

Exactly. I think they nailed it with Gen III. Plus, with FR/LG and Colosseum, it takes the cake easily.

I've enjoyed Pokemon since it first became big in America. Every handheld Pokemon game made by Game Freak has not let me down. I find them all to be enjoyable, some in different ways than others. I think it looks quite interesting and am willing to give the game a shot.

Been playing since gen 1, and I agree with your point on gen 4, but I really did like gen 5 a lot more than 4, because of the story. The whole game had a decently compelling story, aside from "Oh defeat that trainer to progress further. The dialogue in Black and White was amazingly better than that of games from gen1-4. The only problem I had with gen 5 was that the multiplayer was pretty stiff, and the story mode difficulty wise was cake.

:( poorfag still hasn't got to play 4th gen, though I've got about 3000 hours logged on 3rd gen games combined

pokemon minecraft looks ok to me

I feel you on the halo. halo was my first fps.(not counting nightfire on the gamecube)