Why no .msi

Why do software vendors not make msi packages for their products. Even firefox dosen't release .msi files.
Another problem is where you have to jump though hoops to extract an msi and msp the combine them. I have a situation where merging reader with the update package ends up breaking the msi and you have to go trough a long convoluted process that doesn't work.(AIP and it just freezes when merging)

Sorry for the rant but if they would just package msi for every update It would make save their customers a lot of time.

I am not too sure what you are talking about. Every time I have installed form a .msi the program executed much like a .exe file and proceed to install with a wizard.

MSI can very easily be automated. Normal users will never notice but if you use group policy on a domain controller you can update hundreds of computers without ever seeing them.

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