Why no kill your console videos?

The new consoles are out, we know the rough framerates and display resolution to beat. Why have there been no videos about this?

also, why no build a pc videos since dec 2012?

certainly we can beat console framerates for less with a pentium or i3 and some mid range video card and still make it cost less.

Been wanting to see new build videos for a while. Figure the boys are busy with other stuff lately though.

I mean, this is probably overkill in some places, less ram could be used easily and I am sure some cash could be saved in the case and psu if you didn't want 80+ or expandability/coolermaster loyalty. http://pcpartpicker.com/p/LBxD7P

Logan mentioned a new build with some case or piece recently, and maybe making a video on it. Perhaps we'll see one soon.

their build a pc videos were quite bad anyway, they didn't actually make them and run benchmarks so it's no different from asking the forum, a place with more combined knowledge and more up-to-date information

I suppose that is true, but IMO it could be nice if there were some rough guidelines that were endorsed.

rough guidelines you say?

I think it was with the Pentium anniversary edition in a machine designed for home streaming. Besides that, the kill your console video's builds were largely full of useless information due to the builds being county specific; lacking in details and instantly outdated by the time the video had been edited and uploaded. I believe it would be better to have a general guide on how to pick the best parts for the money instead.