Why Metro:LastLight CRASHES

I just wanted to spare people some trouble in finding out what is wrong when their game crashes ON MAC.

Whenever i launch it, it crashes immediately. So i tweeted to the dev's and they sent me back a tweet saying that the game only works on versions 10.8.4 of OSx and that they're addressing the problems... sometime... in the future?? hopefully...

I loved 2033 and this is just a shame :/

Hope this kind of helps, it doesn't; but at least it spares people trouble in finding out why it's crashing. 

I can't run Last Light at maxed out setting on my 2560x1600 monitor, so I was hoping to wait out another year until I can afford an upgrade... Maybe the next ATI card that comes out, so I could check out the True Audio thing Logan keeps raging about. 290x is not a big enough upgrade over GTX 770 and won't get me halfway to a decent framerate.

But I was planning to have another go at 2033 before I get to Last Light and that one crashes everty time I try to boot on Win 7... Doesn't seem like these guys are on top of compatibility...