Why is Windows Explorer's Preview Pane so terrible?

I've noticed that if I have Windows Explorer's preview pane open, and I try to rename or delete a file, it complains that the file is open in a program when I have no other programs open.

How hard is it to load a copy of the file to RAM and remove the file lock or wtv system Microsoft has check if the file is open?

My default answer would be "Because it's Windows.", but the purpose of a preview pane is to preview. How could a programmer get the use case so completely wrong as to make the feature useless?

I had this problem with PDFs on my work machine but updating to the latest veiwer fixed that. I was using acrobat X pro because I need to be able to work on submittals to engineers. Once I installed the latest viewer along side acrobat X I have no issue anymore. I think this isnt a windows explorer "bug" so much as a problem with the program generating the preview.

That makes more sense.

I've had this issue on and off before with my machine, but it may be tied to the same thing for me. i.e. Which program I have installed that accesses PDFs decides if there's an issue with Preview.

Why is Windows Explorer’s Preview Pane so terrible?

Why is Explorer so terrible?

Tabbed & multi pane file managers have been a thing since basically forever. With all the UI overhauling and such, giving paint a nice 3d upgrade, and the past couple of versions of visual studio have been pretty awesome, you'd figure they'd attempt to de-crap their file manager.

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