Why is this happening



there people who wanted it in the forms.


anyway how do i stop the extra icons there annoying

to insert an image, press the little green icon, and paste the url into the popup box.

if it's anything like windows 8 (ofc it is) u just right click on the icons and remove it with le right click

 if that doesn't work here's the awkward version:

 search for 'msconfig' in le run box - from the start menu 

'system configuration' funnily enough will appear

then got to startup tab, and untick all dat useless stuff


also may be useful to go tthought the services tab and disable all that useless stuff two

hope dat helps (applogies if my typing style is annoying :P)

the problem in the last thread/blog was nobody understood what you were asking, we thought you were asking how to post images to the forum

right click, unpin program from taskbar

but i want it pined to the taskbar i just dont want extra icons to show up, if you look, both chrome and itunes have two icons, they used to laucnh on the first ones, now the lauch seprately, how do it fix it?

oh, i see, strange

try unpining the pinned ones and pinning the ones that come up, that's my best guess

tryed that allready

Right click taskbar > Properties >  Taskbar Buttons(Always Combine, Hide Labels)