Why is Radioshack always going Bankrupt

Sad day again :(

The one in my town of 20,000-ish is closing. Only place in town that is electronics related, so I can no longer grab emergency components if needed.



Because they decided to become a cell phone dealer instead of a electronics parts distributor.


Treated the PC as a fad like the cb fad.
At one time they owned the PC market and had TRS-DOS when M$ was a pimple


I'm so sorry @Masterfulliam I have two in my neck of the woods with +100,000 people need to see if any are closing.

I hope yours sticks around.

Welp, that leaves Amazon. Oh dear. LOL

If I remember correctly, the company that owns radio shack now bought it for a steal.

Yeah. Out here it became La Source, ironically not a place where you can find anything that isn't in every Best Buy or Wal Mart in a 100km radius

I just don't care. The ones that were around me switched to shitty cell phone stores years ago. If I've ever needed to deal with a cell phone company I go to one of their stores, not a third party.

Anyway when the parts and stuff that made radio shack well radio shack left so did I. My first good soldering iron was a radio shack digital one that actually was pretty good. I've grabbed supplies when I was younger from them. Hell I have a set of optimus bookshelf speakers that are good(they are used as my rears on my home theater).


Last time I went there 5 years ago for an emergency, they had 4 wireless mice. Not a single 1was under 100 dollars. Looked at the wired ones, not a single one under 75-100. Never went back.

Edit: these were not some badass Logitech or branded ones. No, just shitty Dell or trackball mice.


Worked at a radioshack out in the boonies for years... it closed in one of the early waves years ago.

The radioshack in my hometown was the bomb.

It had an entire wall of drawers full of random components, soldiering equipment, kits, you name it. If you had a free afternoon and wanted to build something, it was the first place you went.
I remember if there was any very specific resistor or capacitor I needed, I would always stop by because the staff knew what they were talking about and I knew they could help me find what i needed.

Over time though, they became a phone and car stereo store. I wouldn't have minded if the staff were still knowledgeable, but at best they would send you a link to Amazon.
The more "mainstream" they got, the less their core audience cared. Besides, if you wanted a phone Sprint was next-door and AT&T was down the hall.

Its definitely sad to see them go. I hope there will be another shop like it for the next generation.


Radioshack. You've got questions, we've got blank stares.

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Yea, I knew our parts drawer inside and out. I bought lots of components when they would randomly go on sale...

Bunch of big toggle switches 50% off.... hell yes...

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve RadioShack. My first RC car, my first telescope, my first PC, etc. I suppose I'm partly to blame, I've been shopping primarily online for almost 20 years now, but yeah. My TV went out a few months ago and I swung by to look for some caps and it was all mobile gear. I also needed a DVI-I to HDMI adapter for an older monitor and to my surprise they had one. For $20. The one I eventually got off Amazon was $1.99.

Goodnight, sweet prince.


that didn't take long did it

Oh my, shocker ( ͡ᶢ ͜ʖ ͡ᶢ). It'll be around 2 years since all the Radio Shacks in my area closed.

i once went to a radio shack and none of the employees had any idea what most of the things in the store did. everything was overpriced and they had a lot of things you can find at walmart and really obscure things for outdated technologies, but not enough basic computer parts or accessories.

Ya I love how everyone was spot on;

  1. Stupid selection
  2. Stupid pricing (extortionary)
  3. Stupid Staff

"The Source" was the last incarnation of Radio Shack in Canada and it reeks of bankruptcy.

Yea... you get the sense that it has no visionary leadership. It's just a poorly performing asset under some huge corporate umbrella.