Why is it Faster?

Why is the AMD FX-9370 8 core slower than the Intel i7 4790k in productivity? Or are my sources incorrect? The AMD should be faster with an additional 4 cores. Please correct me if I am wrong. I am also very pleased in the performance of my own 4790k.

the 4790k has HT and a huge IPC advantage. and is stock clocked at 4 Ghz which is a lot higher than other quad core i7s.



The fx chips have only 1 module per 2 cores with quite bad per core performance compared to intels 1 module per 1 core chips. Intel is dominant and technologically superior at this point, AMD combated that  with very cost optimized multi threaded performance. For the price of AMDs 8320 octa core intel only gives you a dual core processor, making amd very competetive at that price point. The higher model amd 8 cores are  basicly higher clocked 8320 because AMD tries to attack the higher end marked but cannot produce a better architetecture or more cores for consumers right now. There is a reason an intel 8 core costs hald a dozen times as much as a amd 8 core.