Why is Google Chrome so much faster than Firefox?

Does anyone know how i can make firefox as snappy as chrome?


Can you be more specific?

Yeah, even the 64bit version of FF seems like a turtle, and my Chrome has more addons.


Are you talking about rendering of the sites? I must say that I have it on an ssd, so I don't notice much...

As a long time user of firefox since about 2005ish , yes , firefox always does seem slower and more clunky in terms of sites loading. I have to admit almost any other browser seems to work smoother.

Firefox is still the 3rd most popular browser despite it's flaws but that being said it only holds 12% of the market vs chrome holding 60% of the market. On almost every machine I use it on it has that slightly slow feel. Maybe they just aren't as on top of it as chrome is as far as streamlining.

Web devs are lazy or hobbyists, and everyone has limited time.

Pretty much everyone just validates on chrome (and once in a blue moon, ie/edge) now when building web shit.

AFAIK Mozilla is pouring most of their performance focused dev man hours into servo, all the firefox stuff is for security and compliance barring some egregious issue. (well, that and the odd feature no one uses, like pocket.)


Google has so much information on you now that they know what you want to search for before you do, so it's already loading before you even open Chrome :slight_smile:


^^ This.
Current FF is only on maintenance Dev in a sort.
Parts of Servo will be integrated into Gecko some time soon hopefully giving it a much needed performance boost all of this is part of the new Quantum web engine.


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Modern Webkit rendering engine vs. old Gecko Engine.

The short answer is: you can't. Nothing you can do. Which is why FF devs are coming out with a new FF sometime next near with a better engine.

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I don;t even know that pocket does. It looks like another bookmarking system.

Wow that's great news. i don't trust chrome to use it all the time lol.

nvr used pocket either

You can try:

I don't know if it will make your firefox "as snappy" cause I didn't test it myself but there are some good opinions about it.
There are also many online "Guides to Making Firefox Faster" by changing flash plugin to click-to-play disable some animations, built-in featres etc.

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i don't think those tweaks would help it does feel like an engine thing with chrome. My computer is more than capable its just firefox wasn't built the way chrome was. I just use chrome for reading wiki's and small tasks and use firefox for everything else.

It's not much, but It's something. Surely you can't fool the engine but actually they've released some of Quantum features already in 53.0 (April 19) and claim that Firefox is "faster and more stable".

It has never bothered me, even more so because it is free software and is not filled with spying like Chrome, although Chromium is a bit better. Your opinion of it may change once Servo is released into Firefox completely.

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I would be already happy, if they finally make Firefox multi-threaded, so a busy tab doesn't make the whole browser unresponsive. :unamused:

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You really really dont want to have a browser multithreaded...

your cpu would be at 100% even just after a couple of tabs

if the trade off is just having the browser lock up vs your whole computer lock up I know what I would choose.

Why? Unless you have a lot of busy tabs, there is no reason why your CPU load would be that high. If you max out one core right now, then you are doing something wrong. Or you are on a Raspberry Pi :joy:

Even if I run a stress test with 8 threads, my computer still remains responsive and doesn't lock up. If that was a common issue, the developers could just give the render threads a low priority on the scheduler and everything would be fine.

After all, if this was an issue, Chrome wouldn't do it and the Mozilla team wouldn't be working on implementing it right now.

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Is it?

i have not used google chrome since they had dropped support for npapi.