Why is gnome-shell being a CPU hog? (Fedora 25)

I am currently running Fedora 25 on a desktop and a laptop. Desktop has a G4560 Dual Core at a fixed 3.5GHz. Laptop has some Intel Dual Core at 1.9GHz-2.3GHz. On the desktop gnome-shell takes about 20-30% CPU all of the time. while on the laptop it is 0-1%. The only difference between the two is that the desktop has an Nvidia GTX 1060 with the proprietary drivers installed. Both systems are kept updated.

So anyone know why gnome-shell is taking so much CPU?

Edit: I notice that when I am in the Resources tab of the System Monitor application, the CPU usage for gnome-shell spikes, but on the laptop, I can look at the Resources tab all day long and it stays at 1% usage.

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if you've enabled the hardware-accelerated compositor in GNOME settings, this could be the source of your issue.