Why is EPYC now cheaper than Threadripper?

Sorry I don’t have much of a point with this post I guess, just kind of amazed at the price difference between two very similar AMD products… mods please move or delete if needed

Found a 24 core EPYC ROME, 64gb ram complete server for $1815 USD


You can’t build a 3960x with similar config for that price.

Ok, of course, that’s a 1U server and not a gaming machine. I don’t think it would easy to turn it into a gaming machine, although maybe with an eGPU?


It may be 32 cores, but it’s only 2.8GHz.

It’s probably overstock; that’s one hell of a sale. 70% off?

Or a scam, where’d you see this?

I’m having a hard time believing this is legit, with the upcoming shortages.


That’s from Provantage. CDW, Insight, others have it for a similar price, give or take a few hundred.

I asked my HPE rep, it’s a fire sale. They’re closing out on Gen10 and moving to Gen10+. This box is pcie 3.0 and not pcie 4.0. Still a good deal for a lot of bandwidth.


Well that’s why then.

@wendell if you want some cheap compute, this might be a good buy.


Wow looks good! Maybe I should buy one for my company!

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Well because epyc generally sucks for gaming,
because of the lower clock speeds of certain sku´s.
I mean Epyc is really great for a server platform,
just for those situations that you need allot of parallel threads.
For gaming its just not really a great platform.

You cannot really compare Epyc to Threadripper i think.
Because both platform serve a totally different work type envoirement.
In terms of pricing the higher core count or clockspeed Epyc,
systems are going to be significantly more expensive.

I’ve got roughly 30 video to render, some typography work in Blender + virtualize 3 OS… Let me check the balance on my account

Also the encryption on memory & higher RAM capacity. Epyc is lovely


cries in australian

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Yea I legit can’t build this server for the price they are selling it for.
If I try to build a TR server I have the issue of a cooler that can reliably handle the wattage.


Thats the only downside of thread ripper. It is a bit toasty, but it’s pretty badass, even considering the power envelope.

I really want to build a TR server, but the size of the box will make it harder / more expensive to colocate.

Surely you can “fix” that by just downclocking or power restricting…

Yeah, but depending on the workload that’s not good.

Like, I do a lot of lightly threaded stuff on mine. I’m okay with more power usage.

Oh for sure it would be workload dependent. And clearly threadripper is aimed more than epyc at being better at single/lightly threaded work.

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Yeah, the way I see it, it’s a server chip that can also play games. (and boy does it)


reminds me of the FX days when the 8350 was just a gimped opteron for the most part. i love how they are able to market segment just by using number of dies and cores but still clock just as nicely.


Yeah, pretty crazy. I mean, these are way better than the fx chips tho

To be fair, in terms of comparison to intel, FX are way better than FX were back in the day, in light of all the performance hacks vs. security that intel clearly made in everything with core in the name.

I’d still love to see benchmark revisits of Bulldozer vs. Nehalem in a post meltdown/spectre/etc. world with all security mitigations applied.

I mean, as i recall - bulldozer was i5 ish performance. And now to be secure with intel on machines of that era, hyperthreading must be turned off. Thus turning i7s into i5s.

Never mind the other mitigations for meltdown…


Depending on workload, yeah.

The problem with bulldozer architecture (and I own / owned a few) is that the performance was VERY workload dependent. So if you did workloads that ran well on these chips then they were great. But if you didn’t then they generally weren’t very good.
I had an FX6300 and I still have an A10-7700k, I was in AMDTestDrive also and had an A10-6800k and I built a few FX machines for friends / family.
I also had an x4 845 (Excavator) and built a few x4 860k machines for people as budget gaming setups. They were great for the price (motherboards used to be $40-70 and the 860k was regularly $75 or less).

However they just didn’t stack up in heavier workloads mostly due to cache problems. Even on the FX6300 that had the L3 cache… cache misses caused huge performance dips and sometimes stuttering depending on what you were doing.
Unfortunately AMD was too poor to bring Steamroller or Excavator (both of which were definitely better at everything) to FX and put all their resources into Zen.
It hurt them then but with hindsight; I’m glad they made that move as Zen has proven to be great and is now setting the standard for other architectures to follow.

On A final note I did grab one of these servers before they were gone :slight_smile: