Why does this happen?

Ok, whenever I have to fix a friend’s harddrive cause they screwed something up, I ALWAYS without fail have to spend the next half-hour to an hour, getting my motherboard to see all my drives again. Doesn’t matter if I leave them all connected, or disconnect them all. NOTHING shows up, unless it’s a Windows OS drive. Not my linux drives, not my Windows games drives, NOTHING.

So I end up having to spend the next who knows how long re-attaching all my drives one by one for them all to be connected to my pc again. I have like 12 or so drives. And I think by disconnecting them it will save me from the whole process. And yet, EVERYTIME I am completely wrong. What is going on?

What’s your system?


Just a thought… Fast Boot was on, the BIOS (for whatever reason) skip trying to validate attached drives and simply looks for the drive with Windows on it and worries about attaching all other drives after a Windows boot.


Yeah, definitely seems like an uEFI issue. Why not get a USB dongle to avoid the mess if it happens often enough?

Probably a uefi issue, maybe update the bios might fix it.
Otherwise don’t use other people’s hdd’s on your own system anymore.
Because that isn’t particularly safe really.
And there are also better external solutions for it like a docking station or hot swap bay.
Or of course an older unused system for trouble shooting which would be even more safe.


Get an external HDD bay for future use. Beyond that make sure your BIOS settings are properly configured and also make sure the BIOS and chipset drivers are up to date. You also could have a hardware issue with the MOBO or CPU(Whichever has the memory controller).

If you need a recommendation for decent external HDD/SSD bay I use this one with good results: Sabrent Dual-Bay External Hard Drive Docking Station EC-HD2B B&H

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My system is an amd ryzen 5 1400 with a asrock AB350 Gaming k4 motherboard. I often have to fix my son’s hardrives, he’s 14 and not tech savy, and refuses to be so. So not fixing his stuff, is not, an option.

I would update my motherboard, but all of the updates for my motherboard say i can’t update farther than i have with the current firmware That I can see.

Unfortunately, I can’t afford a new pc, or replace parts at the moment. Or I would jump all over it. It works for my work right now.

I have an internal stardock bay I use, and never had problems with it in this motherboard before now. Until recently.

Fast boot is turned off because where i work (from home) already makes me use a linux based usb drive for their os for security. I always disconnect it after work. So i know that’s not the issue.

Like I said Angel, it’s my son’s pc, so i have to fix his stuff, and he can’t exactly drag the whole pc here. (it’s at his mom’s) Otherwise i would use it to fix his problems.

It’s just frustrating every time I have to fix a hard drive, i have to go through this procedure every time.

It even happens when I have to add an extra drive to my system for my own use. Like when I run out of space, or a harddrive dies. It’s really annoying.

Windows can enable fast boot via software… if you attach a windows install with it in enabled it might end up enabled in bios… Had to deal with that very issue two days. Windows turned it on (after an update), even though I went out of my to make sure to disable it in Windows and double check bios.

Edit: Just rebooted to check bios for myself, and it was enabled yet again.

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It’s turned off on my bios. I have checked, and checked. it never gets enabled.

Also, i don’t run windows as my primary, I mainly use linux. So windows isn’t even the main boot drive, and when i update windows, i unplug my Linux drives so it won’t touch them on updates. I only let windows update when I want it to.

I have to ask here, do you connect them to your onboard SATA controller or do you use USB?
If you use a quickswap bay I would suggest removing it and try without it plugged in, as I have had it that the bay simply by being connected, even wtihout a HDD/SSD inserted, would let systems not start or would take forever for the BIOS to see the drives, often even timing out.

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Sata controller, And my bay is only used when i need it. The bay worked fine before, it connects to the sata. And also, it didn’t have any problems before. But Even with it disconnected, it does it.

Ok, I’m going to share with you what I’m experiencing with my system and how I “solve” it which is very simliar to your situation.
I start my PC from a cold boot and everything is detected, when I restart my PC sometimes all SATA drives are not detected. To “solve” this I have to shutdown the PC, remove it from power and let the capacitors dischare, by simply pressing my powerbutton a few times while the PC is disconnected from power. They are detected on the next boot.
The drives will keep not being detected when I just restart the PC with the resetbutton or CTRL+ALT+DEL, I have to to the procedure every time it happens. It’s a BIOS issue and seems to not get better with BIOS updates.

Maybe try it and see if it “solves” the problem.

I actually do that. Have since early 90’s. A kind of stupid habit I picked up.

It’s not helped.

This wasn’t a problem a year ago. And suddenly, in the last 6 months it’s bothered the crap outta me and I just had to vent, and maybe get help. Thanks so far.

This will be the last time i buy an Asrock motherboard if this is the kinda stuff i can expect years down the road.

It could be a combination of MS Windows and uEFI issue. I get that the issue is relatively new to you and you wanted to vent, but as most of us have mentioned, just use a USB dongle instead of letting the system use you internal SATA controller.

Also, have you thought about locking your kid’s computer down. If he is not computer savvy and not yet capable in maintaining his own PC without your help, then locking it down and removing some Admin access is the most viable solution. also, maybe you could install some remote access software (and lock it down) or setup a VPN (and lock it down) so that you can assist him without always bringing the system’s problems to your PC.

I know money is tight right now for most people, but have you also though about picking up a cheap (50USD) pc or laptop to use as a jump box to work on problem PCs. It makes me nervous when you say that you are using your machine that supports your livelyhood to work on other people’s stuff.

Hell, if you need I have an old P4 box that is collecting dust that I can send to you for free, if you live in the USA or Canada. Has no HDD, but is other wise well supported by GNU/Linux and the BSDs.

you != your

I would lock his computer down, but then he’d bitch to his mom and i have to hear that bullshit for weeks on end, or she goes and buys him a different system, and still expects me to fix it or i don’t see my kid. So, i’m shit out of luck in that aspect.

as for a secondary Box, I don’t have the money for a new box after I had to fix my current pc cause my kid spilled his drink on it.

I do live in the US.

If you’re offering a secondary machine to use for troubleshooting great, but i’m not expecting it or asking for it.

I don’t want to be that guy

Yeah, I am offering it up. no cost to you at all except an HDD if you want to repurpose it. It has been collecting dust fir years. I have SBCs that have replaced it.

Thank you very much, I’ll message you.

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