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Why do people hate Metalcore, Nu Metal ect.?



Genres are meaningless to me. I am extremely picky. Dumb lyrics, cookie cutter riffs and an unsynchronized rhythm sounding like a group of monkeys on cocaine is far from appealing.


it's mostly repetitive notes and lyrical composition is trash.


Yeah. If Jonas Hellborg is included, you're going to have a good time.


I actually really dig some binary-ish stuff, especially when combined
with intricate progressive rhythms that use weird time signatures and
tempo shifts. Some of the super complex stuff that folks like Ron
Jarzombek produces is awesome.


Well it’s because the music itself evolve to a non ear friendly type of music for many in other words it’s lost the essence of good music. It’s more of a growl and heavy dark tunes etc…

Nu metal and funk metal is great along with grunge and britpop. they are the headlines of 90’s.

In my opinion indie rock is the successor of good ol rock n roll music this days. You can see the art/avant garde/experimental sounds in some bands out there. But some are just millennials shits trying to be hipster. But almost all cool music to the ears are Indies.


Hahaha they sound like they’ve gone back to the stone age where Fred Flintstones and the cave men’s use their feet to run their car and or some kind of a trailer for jurrasic park. Wtf! Wheres the art and essence of good music?!


People hate it because it’s mainstream and because these discussions necro threads that are 3 years old like this one.