Why do I keep getting randomly logged out?

Every few days/weeks I get randomly logged out of this forum even though I visit daily and have my info set to "remember". When I try to log in my username and password are not accepted and I am forced to change my password. I am 100% sure my information is being typed in correctly, can someone please explain why this happens and if its a problem on my end or if its server side?

I put this in bug report ;P

@Wendell Probably is the best person to ask, so I tagged

This is I think a cloudflare configuration problem stemming from changes last Thursday. Hopefully it won't matter soon, though.


Thank you, but its literally been happening for about a month.

Since around 8/28? you don't say. Lulz.


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the site, on that day (the site are the villagers)


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The OMFG bombs are fucking genius...

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This brings a tear to my eye

A tear? I'm crying my eyes out..

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