Why did everyone hate Vista?

So I was wondering if anyone had any legit reasons for hating Vista.  From what I saw while it was the current OS all the people that used Vista either don't understand what an OS is or had never used it.

I myself loved Vista, sure you needed an extra 512MB of RAM but as an OS grows that is expected not to mention that RAM is so cheap who cares, I'll put 8 gigs in a normal build.

So does anyone that used Vista have any complaints about it?  Keeping in mind I don't count bad drivers as a Vista issue, like when Vista launched I know NVidIa had some driver issues, that's on NVidia not MS.

I hated Vista.  It was extremely overpriced and it wasn't even different from XP besides DirectX10 and the appearance.

not sure if troll thread

Because hating on Microsoft is the trendy thing to do these days apparently. If Linus who relies on his workstation for business operations 5 days of the week for NCIX can run Vista and give it his stamp of approval then surely it's not that bad. I'm also more likely to believe someone like Linus who actually knows what he's talking about and not some people on the Internet who just have a bias to preach.

Most of the problems with Vista were due to 3rd-parties not Microsoft.

No this is not a troll thread, I really want to know what people that actually know what they are doing thought of Vista

I bought a vista laptop 2 weeks after release. It was fine except for a few software incompatibilities but then again it was a new OS so what do you expect; people hated windows vista mainly because it was trendy and to be quite frank at the time of release there was a fair bit wrong with it, it was slow, it was incompatible with lots of older hardware and it just generally brought nothing of much use to the table.

However vista has since improved and I would happily use it, I still have that windows vista laptop and it runs like a charm. I would still choose windows 7 any day of the week though.

it asked for spec's much higher than most people were willing to invest in just the OS. Win7 was similar in specs, but by that time tech prices caught up.

i never used it. went from xp to 7

When Vista first came out there were a lot of problems with hardware working with this particular OS. The other thing is the amount of behind the scenes operations going on with Vista that made it an energy hog. Last but not least it asked you “do you want to do this” for every bloody thing you tried to do. You could turn it off but then you lost all of the protection it offered which when you consider I had upgraded from Windows ME (multiple errors} it was an improvement. Windows 7 has been the best OS produced by Microsoft since XP.  I switched my laptop that came with Vista to Windows 7 and the smoothness and speed of boot time left Vista in the dust. It was however stable.

It was slow, that is all. Other than that it was a great OS just >slowwwwwww

The problems are all from launch, the driver support initially was terrible but after that got sorted out it wasn't bad just a bit un optimizied. That being said moving from Vista to 7 pretty much cut the memory usage in half.

Vista sucked mainly on my end because after i got the HP G70t Laptop that came with vista all i kept getting while i first started up the computer was the BSOD(Blue Screen Of Death) and then towards the end of vista i still had hate towards it because the OS sucked so bad that i ended up upgrading to 7 and i like 7 much more than Vista or Even 8


I loved the layout of it, thought it just felt so far ahead of XP. But it just ended up having alot of cons that I felt like were in such unnecessary places I wasn't feelin it anymore. As far as the requirements go it didn't really bother me because by time I got a vista machine Windows 7 wasn't very far away so I easily had them.

You had to upgrade.  I waited about a year after release and upgraded my system.  I never had a problem with Vista.

It didn't like older hardware, and I've even heard of routers not working with it for some reason.  

Vista was a clusterfuck. OEMs used Vista as an scapegoat to sell shitty computers when they put in only 512MB of RAM.

I didn't have any real problems with it. I thought it was a whole lot better than Window ME.

it was a resource hog, and it had some software compatabily and driver issues.

I survived 3 years of Vista. For what I used it for, I could barely tell the difference between Vista and 7 as far as performance goes.

when vista came out only high end computers could run it with any type of speed. do when i Had my windows vista laptop $750 4gb ddr2 amd dual core 2.2 ghz 256mb nvidia gpu. It was able to run vista as fast as my moms windows xp Pentium 4 @3.07ghz pc. (2k$) but it was 4 year older than my new laptop.

point #2 when vista came out it had a very hard time running xp programs. about 30% of them just didn't work. it wasn't until windows 7 came out that i could play all the mmo's i could on xp. for one of them i had to launch the program as admin (in xp mode) then hit Ctrl+shift+Esc to go into task mnger. to kill Windows Explorer. then when the game was loading i could not touch any key on my pc including mouse. until it got through all of the start screen. at the start screen i could only use the arrow keys to navigate. once in the game it worked fine.


3) office compatibility. windows vista came with office office 2007 and almost everyone had office 2003 and for the first few months you had to save all the docs from 2003 as text only or rich text files so they would open in 2007. this was fixed with a update on both office sweets. but you still had to save the files as 2007 format from 2003 to get them to open then in office 2007 you had to save docs ad 2003 to open in office 2003.


4) the way you navigated through the os to change settings was completely different from xp and it took a good 3 mouths to learn all the changes. i can remember being so pissed off at my pc. If I knew what i know now about Linux I would has switched. and left 40 gb for my windows partition to run games.

The problem was when it came out computer hardware that the OEM computers it was installed on were FAR too underpowered with under 1GB of ram and single core CPUs. That on top of every single version except ultimate/Enterprise being severely limited on what options you have access to people were bashing the shit out of it.

Up until last year I was running a single core 2ghz computer with 2GB of ram on Vista Ultimate 32bit and it was just fine. You just need to not have those shitty versions and know how to turn off a bunch of unnecessary services/features to get it to run smooth (which wasn't possible with the home basic/premium editions).