Why are your videos shot in 16:9?

Why are the tek syndicate videos shot in 16:9 instead of 16:10? Since this is about computers it does not make much sense to make videos in a TV aspect ratio. It would be great if the videos were in 16:10 so I could watch them without black bars.

Who do you know with a 16:10 computer monitor?? Better yet, who do you know with a 16:10 (native) camera? Majority of computer monitors are going 16:9 (2k, 4k, etc). This is probably why. 

16:9 is a standard that already exists and it's fairly nice on the eyes. notice how you don't see alot of 4:3 or 5:4 monitor any more. we humans have eyes that see better from side to side rather up and down because we don't need to look up at the sky all that often compared to what is around us.

Beez, My laptop is 16:10 (1280x800)




5:3? Never seen any. I've only seen 5:4's so far

I used to have a 16:10 monitor (1680x1050) but that was alooooooong time ago when those sort of resolutions on a flat panel meant big bucks had to spent.

Since then I do not know of a single person irl who has a 16:10 monitor.

I think Beezly is quite right in saying what he has.

i run 5:3, but that's a 16:9 screen next to a 4:3 screen

my mistake you know what i mean though.


I have a 16:10 monitor, 1920x1200, but I don't use it much, because of the black lines I got above and below my content, which was 16:9.

I would prefer to shoot in anamorphic wide screen... but I fear everyone would freak out.

I'd watch it.

Come on, do it for just one small video and see the responses.

I do love me some anamorphic 2.35:1!

for those with the 21:9 monitors.

note: 21:9 is 2.33:1 Close Enough

For those with widescreen monitors, please recycle them.

Sorry, welcome to the future. If you don't like it, there are alot of old TV shows like The X-Files, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Friends, etc, that are shot in 4:3, if that suits our option fairly.

The question is why shouldn't they film it in 16:9. It's a popular and nice looking format and there's no reason to not film it in 16:9.

To anyone having problems with 16:9 monitors I recommend getting a second one. 

Would love to have a second 16:9 monitor and have them both on a forked stand that allows the monitors to swivel from landscape to portrait exactly for that reason there.  A man can dream...