Whole house synced audio?


I’m looking for a system that can do whole house audio in a synced way. Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Last night myself and the lady of the house wanted to watch game of thrones without waking the baby. We have an Nvidia Shield TV so it’s handy to be able to plug headphones directly into the BT controller - but we needed 2 headsets! :slight_smile:

I was quite surprised that chromecast (built into the shield TV) can’t just route audio to our android smartphones to be honest… That would have been ideal. I looked at chromecast audio, but that seems to just do the other way (phone to supported speaker system).

I’m using KODI in the shield TV to play video/audio. Audio/Video goes to the receiver normally via HDMI (and then video on to the TV from that).

From endless googling, one thing lead to another. I now realize it would be best to have a full house system that can do what we want and a lot more.



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You can set up groups if you have multiple chromecast audio’s

The issue I have with chromecast audio is that it seems to only play from phone to receiver, not the other way around. Also, as the Nvidia shield tv is a “video enabled” chromecast, it can’t talk to chromecast audio unfortunately. Otherwise it’s reported to sync very well. Pity it won’t work for me.

Yes. Seems like the best alternative at the moment. Wanted to explore any software solution first though, strange that it’s not possible to just stream audio over WiFi android to android. …

I have a shield tablet, will check when I get home but I’m almost certain that you can stream audio to the cc audio using the google home app. I know you can’t stream back though but I didn’t understand this as being what you wanted from the OP, sorry.

Sonos and HEOS (from Denon) should be what you are looking for!