Who Wants My Games?

I have games too many games, un redeemed keys for games that I will never play or get into.


You have them all or just some or just one, just be sure that you're gonna play them all if you choose a bunch of them!

Can I have 'X-COM: Terror from the Deep' please?

PM sent :)

May I have "Full Mojo Rampage" please?

Thank you Beheemoth.  That's ace!

i would love half minute hero if you still have it!

Done :)

No problem :)

Ill take the Tesla Effect if you don't mind

I will definitely take always sometimes monsters if you do not mind. 

Thanks a Ton!

Can i have Always Sometimes Monsters?



Can I have KickBeat Steam Edition?:):)

Is it available:)

im guessing that they are all gone now?

Done :)

Always sometimes monsters is yours!

All yours buddy.