Who is the Tek Syndicate

I am wondering who is behind the Tek Syndicate? There must be more people than the ones that the viewers see on the youtube channel and live stream.

Tek Syndicate is officially registered Logan. The Community is the Tek Syndicate Community. YouTube is the viewers, us on the forum are the community as of a few months ago. 

Logan, Quain, Pistol, Wendell and some Interns 
I believe.  

as far as i know there are 7 people that make up the core of raze the world :) aka tek syndicate for new comers. logan quain pistol and 4 more guys that they work with to help with the development and maintenance of the site. then there are the untold number of part suppliers that they get review samples from. last but not least  it is the forum users that make it all possible. and make tek syndicate what it is.



Sorry.  First thing that popped into my head.

NSA :).

We all are.

Teksyndicate, in itself, is a community. 

As for the physicalities, it is run by Logan, Wendell, Pistol, and Qain. With Nate running the servers. (That used to be true. I think it still is? At least some of the game servers.)

As far as I know, there are no interns yet. That's what the donations are for.