Who here has seen Batman?

jesus, i'm not going to ruin anything but batman was so awesome. It's blown any film i've seen this year out of the water by miles; the avengers didn't even come close to how fricking excellent this film is. 

If you haven't seen it you should. 

I just dont wanna get shot and tear gased :/. People these days......

I saw it today as well. Definately worth seeing in the theatre. My local place offers a "VIP" seat (big leather recliners) for $7 during matinee. It really changes the way you watch a movie.

Lucky :P

I've seen it twice already...mainly because I showed up about 5 minutes late and had children screaming and kicking my chair from behind me the first time I watched it. I definitely appreciated it a lot more the second time I saw it, lol. Great movie.

Yeah it was brilliant, first film i've enjoyed fully whilst going to the cinema to see it. Avengers was good but i felt the action was a bit generic.