Who are your TOP:10 people to shut up and listen to?

I've heard you mention a couple times in episodes of the TEK and inbox that you guys have a list of "people to listen to".

These are the people I want to listen to. Who do you listen to and why?

  • Bruce Schneier
  • The Woz
  • John Carmak
  • Elon Musk
  • Microsoft, Apple, Google CEOs
  • Gabe Newell
  • Jimmy Carter

(there are alot more but I can't think of them all right now. I'll add more as I remember them.)

Do they have to be living?

-Gabe Newell


-Bill Gates

-Steve Woz

This is a hard question.

Wendell. Because he has more then one doomsday device. And his hand-claw thing is that metal. Does he have minions now?

in terms of computers or in general? 


From a technology/computer world i would say Steve Jobs but he's dead.

From a political Standpoint I'd say George Washington, but he's dead.

Added Pres. Carter


I take what Woz says with a grain of salt. He helped start Apple, but only really worked on the early products. He left pretty quick, and has a very passive aggressive attitude toward Apple and more specifically Steve Jobs. This is shown in his book iWoz. Smart guy who seems nice, but he definitely holds resentment toward Apple



Mark Twain

Winston Churchill


Teddy Roosevelt

Sun Tzu

Carl von Clausewitz


Gabe Newell

Damn, once again I ask living or dead and someone chooses living before I can answer...

Ummm, Ok, I guess:



the chinese government

ummm, woz...

1. Gabe Newell

2. Gabe Newell

3. Gabe Newell

4. Gabe Newell

5. Gabe Newell

6. Gabe Newell

7. Gabe Newell

8. Gabe Newell

9. Gabe Newell

10. John Carmack


it's k

Hard to say Wendell, Logan, Qain, and Pistol ten times...

I listen to everyone, then go research whats said and make my own opinion :)

...not really any tech commentators below, although GG's writing on NSA and the permanent security/surveillance state should be required reading. Anyway, when these folks open their mouths or put pen to paper, I pay attention --

-Glenn Greenwald

-Bill Moyers

-Matt Taibbi

-Jeremy Scahill

-Noam Chomsky

-Stephen Colbert / Jon Stewart (kinda 2 sides of the same coin, but love 'em both)

-Tony Judt (except that he died of ALS not too long ago, which infinitely sucks)

-Paul Krugman

-Thomas Frank

-Tom Tomorrow

Noam Chomsky 

Rap News

John Carmack

The crew @ teksyndicate

The guys over at LinusTechTips

Larry Page and Sergey Brin ( they have an awesome view of where technology will go IMO)

Elon Musk ( Real life Iron Man over here)



Always liked this from Kevin Spacey.



  1. Fred Brooks
  2. Martin Fowler
  3. David Parnas
  4. Alfred Lin
  5. Jeff Dean
  6. Joichi Ito
  7. Gabe Newell
  8. Steve McConnell
  9. Linus Torvalds
  10. Tim Berners-Lee

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