White Graphics Card

So anyone remember this http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=1702748

Before the 600 series of video cards I wanted to do a all white build now its shifted to a all white mini itx build.

The problem I am having is that this card is a 500 series and is no longer made and the only other "white edition"

video card that is made anymore is this http://www.ncix.ca/products/?sku=71140 But that is way over my buget almost $200 so does anyone have any idea's possibly a close to white video card in the 660ti or 670 series of cards


any help is appreciated

A white pcb or a white fan? If you're color co-ordinating it would be way easier to match the gpu to your color accent be it blue/black/red.

the gpu can be blue and white but no other color as for the fan white or grey Also the entire build is white and blue so far even down to the WD blue HDD

Blue and white for the pcb typo 

you could buy/make a gpu backplate, i'm not about to sit here an look at like 300 cards to find a blue/white one.

welcome to newegg my friend



the XFX cards are already white so you can use your old Nvidia card for PhysX

or you can get any card of your choosing and add a Arctic cooler on it

Yep, XFX is yhe only thing I can think up of having white cards

Agreed ^^^ Get an EK backplate and some decent spray paint.

Ok new question my main Etailer ncix has more of the 560ti white editions in stock is it worth is to get a 560ti and then get a 3770k instead of the 3570k I was going to get then later on upgrade to a possibly NEW 660ti white 

I Forgot to mention this is a lan rig not my main pc

And I sat here and looked through 300+ video cards XD 

I would be getting ath 3570k and a 660ti for a lan rig. More GPU is better for a all gaming machine.

Ok thanks for the advice everyone Seems alot harder than I tought but I can get a evga 660ti ftw signature 2 and be good for color and price

i Found one on Newegg.com.

Galaxy 78XNH5DV8PXV GeForce GTX 780 HOF 3GB 384-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 3.0 SLI Support Video Card



it has a white PCB and looks wicked :)

google it for better images of the white PCB

Whelp, this is friggin awesome looking and I can't wait to see reviews with 290s



Only $30 too

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