Which way to go?

Hey folks!

Please allow me to post my question. I did post it on reddit, too but it seems like people there are more interested in why I want to do what I want to do instead of investing in helpful comments regarding the topic.

I am posting this in the gaming topic because the decisions I am thinking about are mainly because of gaming:

I´m planning a complete new software installation on my system.I run Windows 10 as main OS and Manjaro for testing out what´s possible. Since my Windows introduces problems recently which don´t occur on Manjaro I want so switch “completely” to Linux.

I want to:

  1. Use Manjaro KDE as main OS for games that work with it (Lutris/Proton/etc - atm BFV)
  2. Use Windows 10 for (mp) games that don´t run on Linux (yet) due to anticheat (atm Hunt: Showdown)
  3. Use main graphics card for both systems (second card only if needed)
  4. Stream all games I play with OBS to Twitch (preferred from within Manjaro)
  5. Use VST plugins to manipulate audio (atm using Voicemeeter + Cantabile)

Which way to go?

  1. Install Manjaro as main OS and Windows 10 in VM?
  2. Install some “random” Linux and use Manjaro AND Windows 10 in VM? (I read about this)
  3. Use single GPU passthrough if using VM or dual GPU?
  4. Use Looking Glass ?

My System:

  • AMD Ryzen 9 3900X - Gigabyte AX370-Gaming-K3 - 16 GB RAM (32 planned)
  • 1st GPU RTX 2060 6GB - 2nd some older Nvidia or alternatively older AMD (not gaming capable)
  • 1TB NVMe Emtec X300 - 240GB Transcend SATA SSD - 250GB Crucial MX500 SATA SSD
  • 1x Acer 120Hz FHD Monitor - 1x HP 60Hz FHD Monitor

I want to get rid of using Windows as much as possible. As soon as EAC games will work under Linux I quit Windows totally. I am also unsure about the new disk space allocation - where to install which OS/place VM disks.

Personally I am thinking of using two GPU so to be able to play in Windows VM on main GPU and record on Linux with second GPU BUT beeing able to use main GPU, too for when playing on Linux. I´ve never seen this kind of setup anywhere yet?!

I have to mention that I´m able to follow Linux guides but not much more. So writing scripts on my own will not be possible.

What do you think? =)

If I were in your position I would try to keep things as simple as possible. If you reduce complexity then problems are easier to solve.

I’d run Manjaro native and Windows in a VM on you main machine.
I’d build a second machine specifically for streaming and handling all the other stuff you need (audio, chat, and so-on).

My 2¢.

  1. This is what I am using, but certain games, like Valorant, Escape from Tarkov and others, do not allow you to play with a VM. Their (crappy and useless anti-cheat) will kick you and if you try to hide the VM and you get caught, they will ban you.
  2. I wouldn’t recommend that, more complexity and prob no1 still in place
  3. This is very similar to dual-boot, as when you boot your VM it will take control of your VGA and therefore you cannot use the host system. You have to wait for the boot to complete to play, then the shutdown, to return to host… Still prob no1 in place.

I would say, dual boot is your only option to be on the safe side with the anti-cheat.
Personally I am using 2nd VGA with passthrough and works like a charm, but I cannot play certain games.


I’d go with dual boot, if possible, which is what i ran for a while myself.
You have more than one SSD, you could install Windows 10 on one and your main Linux distro in one of the others, its by far the easiest to set up.
Also, if possible, maintain GRUB and Windows Bootloader separated, i had issues with GRUB overwriting some Windows stuff and vice versa in the past, its best to keep them separated.


I’d try walk before you run. It’s good to see you’ve got some ambitions but the list of stuff you want to do will take time to accomplish.

I’d start out dual booting, see what runs natively in linux, and for stuff that doesn’t see if you can make it work via wine/proton/etc. - and fall back to windows if you have to.

Once you’re more comfortable with the linux platform, get comfortable with the CLI, etc. (maybe also compile a few non-essential things from source to get familiar with that) - then go down the path of virtualizing Windows. And once you’re comfortable virtualising windows with KVM, then maybe try get passthrough working. You may also need other hardware to pass through, like a USB io card for example depending on the support for partitioning off various devices on your motherboard.

What you’re trying to do is all possible, but i just feel if you try to do too much too quickly you’re going to end up frustrated when it breaks. And it WILL break.

I’d maybe give yourself a year (or more) to get everything you want working, and bite off small pieces at a time. It will be a journey.

Also by that time, things like looking glass, proton, etc. will be more mature.

There’s massive progress being made on the linux gaming side in the past couple of years. So things are looking good. But its still bleeding edge in a lot of places.


Thank you all for your replies!
I´m sorry I didn´t react sooner but I was thinking I´d get some notification email which I didn´t and therefore thought there´s no reply here.

I have dual boot setup since a while.
I got new hardware (bigger NVMe, more RAM) and did a fresh install of Manjaro already.
As some private things have changed I don´t have enough time atm to achieve all this goals and to game at all. I guess it´s all gonna get delayed so I will update here when I´m done or have more questions :stuck_out_tongue:

Greetings =)