Which Ultrabook?

Thats my favorite part

low battery? charge for half hour, no more low battery

I went even higher than that and got the touchscreen

at full res everything is tiny I run windows at 200% scale

its like using a 28" 4k monitor


Super fish?

See I remember super fish, but I think there was a second thing that came up later that didn't receive as much press. I'm still looking. I may just not be remembering it correctly.

Should be fine, as long as they aren't hardware related, shouldn't be a problem for Linux, besides I don't need half their software anyways, just open source stuff

This was it. Superfish was the really bad one, but this shit was almost as bad.

Superfish was never on thinkpads

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Poor performance from lenovos end! Still have to to admit though, the carbon x1 is looking like a fine choice when all things considered with Linux but with windows, ill need to be careful with what I install, lenovo laptops seem to be "too popular" to just not be hacked.

Damn never knew that. I googled and the lenovo statement confirms: http://news.lenovo.com/news-releases/lenovo-statement-on-superfish.htm

Something that I actually love is the HP Spectra X360. Its about the same price as the ThinkPad if not cheaper, and its a kick ass machine. Its what I use all day at school. I got 2 for $900 and $800, each with an I5, 8Gb's ram, and a 256gb ssd. Its a great machine.


Currently its sold out (not surprisingly IMO) but they get restocked really often.