Which Thermal Paste?

I'm building a computer with a FX-6300(Overclocking it), and I am planning on using a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo as a cooler. I did some research and found out that it comes with thermal paste. I am wondering if it is worth the money to get Artic Silver 5(High-Density Polysyntechic Silver) thermal paste. I am happy with a 70 degree celcius max at full load at any clock speed higher than 4.1 Ghz.

The best thermal paste I think is prolimitech PK-1 Its pretty cheap and is a good performer and should last.  Its also not conductive and does not need to set to get the best performace like AS5.  Both are good but the PK-1 is newer tech and I think is better.  Weather its worth getting is up to you check bottom link to look at the performace difference.



Ketchup is the best thermal paste.

Acording to that website I posted Mayonaise is the best non thermal paste thermal paste lol...

Thats what I have on a i7 3770 with a H50 cooler. Works like a charm. Highly recommend!